George Hills vineyard is located on Venice countryside, lying at the foothills of the Dolomites on the Adriatic Sea.
Our winery is in a fertile position lies in the Prosecco DOC District, famous area in the Veneto region known for producing this typical native sparkling wine. The D.O.C. status protected this area of production and ensures Prosecco a level of prestige in the world wine community.


Veneto region is situated in the north-eats of Italy, known worldwide for Venice, the historical capital of the “Serenissima” Republic. In the past century our vineyards area was belonging to the Serenissima, the last mainland before arriving at the lagoon and then the sea, a fertile and welcoming land called also Garden of Venice.
In the 15th - 16th century, the Venetian Republic organized and controlled, almost on an industrial scale, each sector and type of activity, developing especially new technology in agriculture, the “Holy Agriculture”, as they use to say.

Wines have always embellished the Venetian territory: they were the focal point of the life and work of thousands of wine growers, experts of wines and their properties, entrepreneur farmers who set quality as their mission.