Our Markets

Our aims is to develop mainly the diffusion of our Prosecco into the global market as we are convinced of the quality/price competitiveness and of the satisfaction of all our consumers. We care about them as they would be our first, great marketing supporter with their comments and appreciation. We are looking obviously to the European market but with an increasing and farsighted approach to the new emerging protagonist of the world market of Food and Beverage.
China, Eastern and Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America, Russia, Central Asia, Black Sea and Caspian Sea countries, Southeast Europe, South Africa, Carrabin, Indian and Pacific Islands are our natural and very cared special markets, looking also to agro-industrial investments in vineyards and wine production technologies. But first of all we look for the Prosecco distribution and availability.
In the top ranking restaurants, wine bars and specialized enoteques but also to reach the larger consumer in the main stores with Food and Beverage products, as our sparkling wine must bring a consumers happy enjoyment and appreciation, in a wide numbers of home dining tables.

Because there is room for different price/quality products, where from the highest ranking to the medium level brands and sparkling fan of sparkling wines everybody could find their best Prosecco choice.