A grape-variety originating from the region of Bordeaux, this vine is cultivated with excellent results in the north-east Italy, maintaining its extraordinary wealth of aromas intact.

Grape varietals

100% Sauvignon

Production Area

Venice region

Vinification and ageing

Stored for 24 hours at a low temperature, to enrich with aromatic substances contained in the skins. Temperature-controlled fermentation ensues, followed by a longish period of maturation on the wine's own natural lees.


Its unmistakable verdant bouquet brings recalls yellow bell peppers and golden delicious apples. Well bodies and smooth.

Food pairing

Its elegant structure makes it recommended with fish dishes, seafood pasta and rice first course.

Serving temperature

Serve at 10º-12ºC

Alcohol level

12,5 % vol.

Bottle size

750 ml