Prosecco was produced as far back as Roman times using the Glera grape - which initially grew near the villages in north-east of Italy - for Pucinum, one of the great wines at the tables of Roman dignitaries, as Pliny describes.

Grape varietals

100% Glera

Production Area

Venice region

Vinification and ageing

Glera grapes are softly pressed. Fermentation in stainless steel vats at 15º-16ºC for about 8 days; the wine remains on its leavens for more than 30 days. Sparkling process in pressurized tanks according to the traditional Martinotti-Charmat Sparkling Winemaking Method. Pressured in bottle at 5,8 atm.


Sparkling wine with an elegant fruity aroma which recalls apple, wisteria flowers and a vague rose hint. Fine and persistent perlage.

Food pairing

With its delicate and harmonious personality this sparkling wine is excellent for receptions and cocktails parties but also to be enjoyed throughout a meal with delicate dish. It matches perfectly with legume soups and seafood, pasta with mild meat sauces, fresh cheeses and white meat.
Excellent for preparing the original Bellini cocktail.

Serving temperature

Serve at 6ºC

Alcohol level

11,5 % vol.

Bottle size

750 ml